Silver and Chrome Plate

Mark: Gorham EP YC784 Pattern: Paul Revere Condition: excellent with some minor scratches from gentle use Size: 10.25" dia.Condition: excellent Size: 3” high, 3.5” dia.Mark: “Keystone Ware Chrome Plates on Copper” Dated: mid-century, modern  Condition: excellent Size: 2.25” high, 3.5” dia.Mark: “WMF Germany” Dated: 1935-1965  Condition: excellent Size: 4” highWorks great with the above Paul Revere Bowl Mark: Sheridan E.P.S. Condition: excellent Size: 10.50" dia.

Gorham Paul Revere Bowl (Silverplate, Holloware)


Sheridan Round Tray with Elevated Center


Vintage Farberware Chrome Cream and Sugar


Vintage Keystone Ware Chrome Cream and Sugar


Vintage WMF 4 Tumblers